Kim Kardashian shows off acting skills in ‘AHS: Delicate’ trailer. She sings too?

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After years of being a reality TV star, Kim Kardashian is now an actor, singer and talent manager — at least for the new “American Horror Story” saga.

FX dropped the trailer for “AHS: Delicate” on Wednesday, giving fans a first look at stars Kardashian, Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and more. “AHS: Delicate” is set to premiere on Sept. 20.

The FX trailer introduces Roberts as rising star Anna Victoria Alcott, who must balance her desires to have a family with the cutthroat world of fame. Kardashian stars as her strict manager Siobhan Walsh.


“Do you want an Oscar? Do you want it as much as a baby?” Kardashian asks Roberts.

Kim Kardashian said she is ‘of course’ taking acting lessons ahead of her ‘American Horror Story’ debut. ‘I like to challenge myself,’ she said.

May 2, 2023

The two-minute trailer chronicles Anna’s spiral into madness and horror as her IVF journey becomes a nightmare. In one clip, Roberts’ Anna pulls a never-ending string of hair from her head. In another scene, Anna and Siobhan face a broken mirror that warns, “Don’t do it, Anna.” Eerie imagery — a bloodied dress, a black goat, a hooded figure — also occupies Anna’s mind.

The “AHS: Delicate” clip also features Kardashian — who released one pop single in 2011 — singing “Rock-A-Bye Baby” to Roberts’ character. The “Kardashians” star used the classic lullaby to announce her “American Horror Story” casting in April.

Not everyone was on board with Kardashian’s “AHS” casting. Acting legends Patti LuPone and Sharon Stone shared their two cents on Kardashian’s role. LuPone, a frequent Ryan Murphy collaborator, rhetorically asked Kardashian, “What are you doing with your life?”

Patti LuPone and Sharon Stone definitely give a damn that Kim Kardashian is transitioning into acting with the upcoming season of ‘American Horror Story.’

April 27, 2023

Stone noted the years of studying and suffering she endured for “our art,” and slammed the reality TV star and beauty mogul.

Attending the Met Gala in May, Kardashian said her “AHS” gig would be a chance to “step outside of [her] comfort zone and try something new and grow.” When asked if she was taking acting lessons for the show, Kardashian responded: “I am, of course.

“It’s a challenge. I like to challenge myself.”

“AHS: Delicate,” executive produced by co-creators Murphy and Brad Falchuk, also stars Matt Czuchry, Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare and Leslie Grossman.