Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Masked Singer’ appearance draws late-night hosts’ slings and arrows

Rudy Giuliani, wearing a blue suit and red tie, presses his right hand to his forehead.
Rudy Giuliani reportedly lost his head — or some judges lost theirs — after he was voted off Fox’s “The Masked Singer.”
(Jacquelyn Martin / Associated Press)

Rudy Giuliani has apparently traded his suit and tie for a mic and a melody. And so far, it hasn’t gone well.

Last week, former President Trump’s controversial personal attorney was reportedly seen taking off his costume after he was the first contestant voted off the new season of Fox’s “The Masked Singer.” According to Deadline, the sight of Giuliani prompted judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to exit the stage in protest.

Giuliani, who furthered false claims that the 2020 presidential campaign was stolen, was subsequently skewered Thursday on late-night TV.


Peacock versus Hippo. Monster versus Unicorn.

Jan. 3, 2019

“America is truly — truly, truly, truly — the greatest country on Earth, because this is the only place in the world where entertainment trumps everything,” said Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show.”

“Just a year ago, this guy tried to overthrow America’s democracy, now he’s a contestant on a reality show?” he continued. “Is there anyone they won’t have on? Like, one of these days a masked singer’s gonna take off their head, and it’s gonna be literally the coronavirus.”

Fox hasn’t revealed Giuliani’s costume or final song, which will likely remain a mystery until the episode airs.

“They should have another show after ‘The Masked Singer’ that night called ‘The Masked Executives,’” Jimmy Kimmel said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “All the Fox executives come out in costumes; the one who greenlit the show takes off the mask and gets voted out of television forever.”

Kimmel also included an unmasking-the-coronavirus joke.

Fox’s singing contest has leaned into casting controversial figures. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, YouTuber Logan Paul and Caitlyn Jenner (shortly before announcing her candidacy for governor of California) have all appeared on the show in past seasons.