‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 15 will serve more L.A. flair with these local queens

Sixteen drag performers pose around a hot pink car
The cast for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 15.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” will see a strong display of SoCal realness with four Los Angeles-based drag performers in the running to snatch the crown this coming season.

MTV revealed the Season 15 cast Tuesday, with a total of 16 queens joining the Emmy-winning competition series. Representing Los Angeles are queens Salina EsTitties, Sasha Colby, and twins Sugar and Spice.

Read on to learn more about these local queens.

Salina EsTitties

Salina, described by MTV as a “take-no-prisoners performer,” comes to the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” stage from West Hollywood’s staple bars.

A veteran performer, Salina has made her mark at WeHo spots including Micky’s and the Abbey. Throughout the years she has performed alongside notable “Drag Race” veterans Raven, Morgan McMichaels and Kylie Sonique Love.

A drag performer sitting on a hot pink car
Drag performer Salina EsTitties.

“Drag is like a vessel for me to be my utmost creative authentic self that I can’t be out of drag as Jason. Salina EsTitties gives me the power,” she said in Tuesday’s announcement video. “I feel so powerful when I’m in drag. People pay attention.”

The self-proclaimed “queen of Hollywood” has also showcased her acting and comedy chops with YouTube videos parodying pop culture moments. Salina, also a musician, has been open about her sobriety with her fans. On Instagram, she shared that she has been sober for 11 years.

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“Everything in my life today is a result of keeping my mind, body, and spirit in check, and with out the ease and comfort of a drink or a drug,” she said in a November post.


Sasha Colby

Sasha Colby knows a thing or two about snatching a crown. In 2012, the Hawaiian-born performer took home the top prize at the annual Miss Continental pageant.

The transgender artist, who has 20 years of drag experience, is also no stranger to West Hollywood’s stages. She’s performed at Evita, the Chapel, Micky’s and the since-shuttered Bar10 WeHo. In MTV’s announcement video, Sasha said she came to Los Angeles nearly eight years ago.

A woman in a pink outfit poses on hands and knees on a hot pink car
Drag performer Sasha Colby.

“I moved there to do acting, dancing, modeling, become a celebrity and it worked,” she said.

If the last name sounds familiar, that’s because Sasha’s drag daughter Kerri Colby competed in the previous season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Kerri didn’t make it to the final five lip-sync showdown but won fans over with her kindness and compassion toward fellow competitors.

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Nearly a year after her drag daughter’s “Drag Race” debut, Sasha is ready for another crown.


“I am America’s Next Drag Superstar because I already am a drag superstar,” she said.

Sugar & Spice

This season, “Drag Race” fans will be seeing double with identical twins Sugar and Spice taking the Main Stage. The siblings, who moved to Hollywood from Long Island, N.Y., claim to be the “Mary-Kate and Ashley” of “Drag Race.”

The duo made their drag debut in June 2019 and have since built an impressive following of more than 7 million followers on TikTok, where they speak out against toxic masculinity and homophobia. Before TikTok, the twins were known for their YouTube page, where they vlogged about their life at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and proved their makeup skills with transformation videos.

A platinum blond in a metallic pink outfit sits on a hot pink car holding a purse in one hand
Drag performer Sugar, of Sugar & Spice.

Donning towering platforms and over-lined lips, Sugar & Spice take inspiration from the Bratz dolls of their childhood. They also channel early-aughts pop culture mavens Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears for their looks.

“You know, there’s a little superstar inside everyone,” the duo said in a TikTok. “Growing up being gay twins, dolls — they were our escape. They were our fantasy, they were our everything growing up.”

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The twins recently performed for a pop-up event at the Grove and brought some Lizzie McGuire realness to Rocco’s in West Hollywood, where they performed the Hilary Duff hit “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

Need help telling the siblings apart? Spice typically touts an edgier, darker look than her twin, Sugar, who told MTV that she’s the “prettier one.”

A woman in a black outfit sits on a hot pink car holding a purse up in one hand
Spice of Sugar & Spice.

“Competing against my twin is gonna be really interesting because the claws will come out... I’m ready to claw her out of the competition,” Sugar said. “We’re secretly best friends so it’s like only I’m allowed to make fun of her.”

“Drag Race” has long touted Los Angeles drag talent. Previous Angelenos who have competed in the series are Raja, Gigi Goode, Valentina, Gottmik and Season 13 winner Symone.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 15 premieres Jan. 6 on MTV.