Jackson Pollock’s ‘Mural’ on display at Getty starting in March

Jackson Pollock's work "Mural"(1943) arrived at the Getty Center in Los Angeles in 2012, with conservators looking on.

Jackson Pollock’s work “Mural"(1943) arrived at the Getty Center in Los Angeles in 2012, with conservators looking on.

(J. Paul Getty Trust)

Following an extensive cleaning process that included the removal of a coat of varnish, the Getty Museum will put Jackson Pollock’s monumental work “Mural” on display for the public starting in March.

“Mural,” which is dated from 1943, is scheduled to be on public view at the Getty Center in Brentwood from March 11 to June 1. The large-scale painting is part of the collection at the University of Iowa Museum of Art but has been in L.A. for the past couple of years so Getty experts could work on studying and cleaning the abstract painting.

The exhibition will feature new research that provides insight into a “significant transitional moment” in Pollock’s career, said the Getty. Pollock created “Mural” for renowned art collector Peggy Guggenheim, to be displayed in her New York townhouse.

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The creation of the painting was dramatized in a key sequence in the 2000 Ed Harris movie “Pollock.” (The artist is rumored to have created the work in a frenetic 24-hour session.) Guggenheim donated the painting to the University of Iowa’s art collection in 1951.

“Mural” stands an imposing 8 feet tall by 20 feet long. The painting was created before Pollock had transitioned into his signature drip paintings.

The findings of a joint study on the painting conducted by the Getty Museum and the Getty Conservation Institute will be displayed at the exhibition. Experts learned that while most of “Mural” was created on Belgian linen canvas with high-quality artist’s oils, Pollock also used simple white house paint on areas of the work.


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