‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy gets opera style treatment

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With more than 1 billion YouTube hits, “Gangnam Style” by the Korean singer Psy is the most popular music video of the year. It has been imitated, parodied and re-purposed by fans around the world. It has been remixed in many different musical styles, including country, R&B;, rap, Desi and heavy-metal.

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So it was perhaps inevitable that someone would remix the single in the style of classical opera.


The above video comes courtesy of Radio-Television of Slovenia.

The singer performs the lyrics from the song in the style of opera, while also dancing Psy’s signature horse-trot moves.

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A classical orchestra consisting of strings, woodwinds and percussion performs the pop score in a humorously lush manner.

The Times’ Pop & His blog reported that “Gangnam” had already supplanted Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most-viewed clip of all time on YouTube before it hit the billion-views mark.


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