‘Katy Perry,’ ‘Savages’ will get caught in ‘Spider-Man’s’ web

“The Amazing Spider-Man” could gross as much as $150 million by Sunday.
Andrew Garfield stars as “The Amazing Spider-Man.”
(Sony Pictures)

“The Amazing Spider-Man"continues to weave an enticing web at the box office as the superhero has ensnared $59.2 million after two days in theaters.

Sony Pictures is anticipating that its 3-D movie will have taken in around $130 million by Sunday, on the low end of what most in Hollywood had originally predicted for the movie’s six-day debut. Some industry experts believe the superhero flick could gross as much as $150 million by weekend’s end, which would be a good start for a film that cost $230 million to produce

“Spider-Man,"starring Andrew Garfield, has already captured more than $50.2 million in a limited number of foreign markets and is expected to ultimately make most of its money overseas.

Meanwhile, two new films entering the fray will get caught in Spidey’s web: the music documentary “Katy Perry: A Part of Me,” which hit theaters Thursday, and Oliver Stone’s gritty crime drama “Savages,” debuting Friday. Each are expected to have modest openings of around $13 million.


Fortunately for Paramount Pictures’ low-budget Insurge label, the 3-D concert film following the pop star on her recent California Dreams tour only cost around $12 million. Universal Pictures and Relativity Media, however, spent roughly $45 million to make “Savages,” which follows two beach bums whose successful pot business becomes the takeover target of a Mexican drug cartel.

While Perry’s movie is aimed at her young “Katy cat” fan base, the Stone film is hoping to attract older males. However, “Savages” may continue a downturn set by adult dramas like"People Like Us"and “Seeking a Friend at the End of the World,” both of which flopped at the box office in recent weeks.

“Savages” features an all-star cast that includes Blake Lively, John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson.

The picture’s release comes at an interesting time for a number of those actors: Travolta is in the public spotlight again after becoming the subject of recent embarrassing sexual harassment allegations, and Kitsch is coming off two big-budget flops this year,"John Carter"and"Battleship.”


For Stone, the R-rated movie marks a return to his violent crime movies, including “Natural Born Killers.” The Oscar-winning director’s new picture has received mixed reviews, notching a 68% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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