Dumb Starbucks mystery solved. RIP Shirley Temple Black.

After the coffee. Before yelling at Sprint to replace my BlackBerry.

The Skinny: My BlackBerry’s bad habit of freezing went from annoying to unacceptable when it froze in the middle of the night and my alarm didn’t go off. And yes, I still have a BlackBerry. What can I say? I need a real keypad. But Sprint will be hearing from me today. Tuesday’s headlines include a lengthy piece about the challenges faced by animal wranglers in today’s entertainment industry. And some Weather Channel fans are not happy with WeatherNation, a rival service that DirecTV now carries. Also, obituaries for child star-turned-diplomat Shirley Temple Black, who died at the age of 85.

Daily Dose: Time Warner Cable finally reached an agreement to carry Fox Sports San Diego, home to the San Diego Padres. Time Warner Cable also struck a new deal to carry Fox’s YES Network, the New York sports channel that carries the Yankees. The moves come as Time Warner Cable tries to get other distributors in Los Angeles to carry its SportsNet LA, which will be the new home for the Dodgers. Time Warner Cable knows it would look bad for them to be refusing to carry regional sports networks in other markets while at the same time trying to sell its own very expensive channel.


Tough times for wranglers. Animal trainers and wranglers, those folks who often make big stars out of four-legged creatures, fear they are becoming endangered species. Not only is technology cutting into their business, activists are also pushing for much tighter restrictions on the use of animals in movies and television shows. The Los Angeles Times looks at the plight of the animal wrangler.

Cloudy forecast. DirecTV’s decision to drop the Weather Channel in favor of the smaller network WeatherNation has some weather aficionados very upset. WeatherNation is described by some Weather Channel fans as a poor substitute that doesn’t provide in-depth coverage. At the same time, other Weather Channel fans are hopeful that the contract dispute will persuade the network to stick to its knitting and get out of the reality TV business. More on WeatherNation from the Associated Press.
Get ready for the lawsuits. Alki David, an entrepreneur whose inventions always seem to attract lawsuits from big media, has a new service that lets people watch local TV stations from anywhere around the country. David thinks this will be blessing for independent stations that will now get a chance to broaden their reach, Problem is, of course, many stations are restricted with regard to the markets in which they can air the programming they’ve acquired. Oh and David is doing this without asking permission of the stations. More on David’s latest move to antagonize from the Financial Times.

Mystery solved. That “Dumb Starbucks” that opened up in Los Feliz on Friday turned out to be a stunt for comedian Nathan Fielder’s Comedy Central show “Nathan For You.” Fielder held an impromptu news conference Monday afternoon at the store, which was jampacked over the weekend. Guessing Starbucks will call off the legal eagles and just enjoy the free publicity. Details from the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal.

Sad day on the Good Ship Lollipop. Child star Shirley Temple Black, who lit up the big screen during the Depression and then went on to serve her country as a diplomat died at the age of 85. Temple sang and danced her way into the hearts of Americans in movies such as “Bright Eyes” and “The Little Colonel.” She had 40 movies under her belt before she was a teenager. In 1969, President Nixon made her a delegate to the United Nations and she later became ambassador to Ghana. Obituaries from the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Variety.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: The success of “The Lego Movie” may have studio executives scouring the shelves of Toys R Us looking for their next franchise.

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