Wallenda's wire walk over Grand Canyon week's most tweeted TV

High-wire walker Nik Wallenda's attempt to traverse the Grand Canyon was the most tweeted-about event on TV, according to newly released Twitter TV rankings from Nielsen's SocialGuide.

The Discovery Channel's "Skywire Live" special Sunday carried Wallenda's nail-biting, 23-minute journey cross the 1,400-foot wire without benefit of a tether, net or safety harness.  At the midpoint, he stopped and sat on the wire to steady it before completing his trip along the 8½-ton steel cable to set a world record.


The feat generated more than 1 million tweets, according to SocialGuide, which measures Twitter TV conversations.

Other TV shows producing chatter on Twitter for the week of June 17 were ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars," which generated nearly 550,000 tweets, and the finale of NBC's singing competition "The Voice," which prompted more than 430,000 comments.  VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta," with 426,000 tweets, and the MTV series "Teen Wolf," which sparked about 250,000 Twitter comments, round out the top five most talked about TV shows of the week ended June 23.

The connection between Twitter and live TV is hard to miss: About 20-million people sent 300 million tweets about U.S. shows in the first three months of the year. SocialGuide seeks to measure those conversations across 240 TV channels, and plans to issue a Top 10 ranking of the most buzzed about TV programs of the week.

Here are the top 10 tweeted TV events of the week, per SocialGuide.

Week of June 17-23:

Rank    Program           Episode Title        Network                     Date                    Tweets

1.  "Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda"    Nik Wallenda  Discovery            6/23/2013         1,000,194

2.  "Pretty Little Liars"          "Turn of the Shoe"           ABC Family      6/18/2013         548,962

3.  "The Voice"         "Live Finale"        NBC     6/18/2013         431,435

4.  "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta"            "Stevie vs. Mimi and Nikko"  VH1      6/17/2013            425,699

5.  "Teen Wolf"         "Fireflies"            MTV     6/17/2013         249,127

6.  "WWE Monday Night RAW"         "Will Triple H compete?"       USA            6/17/2013         227,546

7.  "The Voice"         "Live Final Performances"            NBC     6/17/2013         176,676


8.  "The Wanted Life"           "Obama Like a Pop Star" E!         6/23/2013         93,353


9.  "Girl Code"          "Compliments"    MTV     6/18/2013         85,755

10. "Girl Code"          "Public displays of affection"        MTV     6/18/2013         84,170