Showtime will offer streaming service on Roku and PlayStation

Showtime’s new stand-alone streaming service will be offered on Roku media players and Sony PlayStation’s Vue Cloud, the premium cable network announced Monday.

The new service allows broadband Internet users to get the premium cable network’s programming without a TV subscription. Aimed at widening the distribution of Showtime and attracting the growing number of consumers choosing to bypass cable and satellite, the new service -- simply called Showtime -- is set to launch in early July.

As previously announced, the service also will be available on Apple’s device. PlayStation, Roku and Apple will have Showtime when it launches.

PlayStation Vue delivers streaming programming channels without a cable or satellite subscription over Sony’s game console. Roku makes streaming devices and offers more than a thousand channels to its users.


Showtime, which has subscribers in 24 million cable homes, is offering the monthly service for $10.99 a month, putting it below the $14.99 broadband users pay for HBO’s streaming product called HBO Now.

Unlike HBO, Showtime will offer the streaming service subscribers the same live feed of programming that is offered to cable subscribers.

Twitter: @SteveBattaglio