YouTube video soars with eagles

YouTube one-upped Animal Planet with a hot new trending video that purports to capture an eagle soaring over the Chamonix region of France.

The videographer apparently strapped a GoPro or other similarly compact camera on an eagle’s back and captures some arresting aerial  footage of the Mer de Glace region, site of that country’s largest glacier.

“Eagle View” provides tilted, high-velocity footage of the bird soaring over a lush green landscape, with snow-dusted mountains in the background. The sound of wind provides a howling soundtrack for the 1½-minute clip.

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“Flying eagle point of view” ranks among the top four videos of the day, attracting more than 1.7 million views.

Other top trending videos, according to YouTube, include MGMT’s dark new music video, “Cool Song No. 2,” featuring actor Michael K. Williams from the HBO series “The Wire,” and a video featuring former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson throwing darts blindfolded.

Rounding out the top four trending videos of the day is another installment in the “Mental Floss” series from author John Green, in which he explores “55 Unfortunately Unfinished Films.” It furnishes little-known cinematic tidbids like this one: Did you know director Martin Scorsese wanted to cast The Clash in “Gangs of New York”?



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