‘Portlandia’ is concluding, but Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein aren’t calling it The End

The “Portlandia” stars are definitely pro-emoji.

Filming for the final season of IFC’s beloved sketch comedy series “Portlandia” begins Monday, and the show’s stars/creators/writers/occasional directors Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen stopped by The Times before heading to Oregon.

Armisen though doesn’t really want to declare this season as The End because whenever anyone does that — and he cites the Who and Cher as examples (Brownstein chips in with the Eagles) — it rarely turns out to be the last chapter.

“I don’t like to say anything is final, like ‘This is it,’ ” Armisen says. “We all love each other, we all get along. Basically this is our last season, but who knows?”


During the interview, the “Portlandia” pair talked about some of last season’s sketches, including Armisen’s turn playing a hunk (and his disappointment that no one started calling him Scoot afterward) and how the Uber passenger rating obsession came from a conversation Brownstein had with friends.

“We all went and checked our ratings and there was an instant divide in the room,” Brownstein remembers. “You really do wonder, ‘Why does this person who I thought I knew have a low score? Are they rude?’ ”

You can watch the full interview here.

The duo strives to perform characters from a place of understanding. Sound too serious? Don’t worry, we cover the show’s few examples of bathroom humor too.

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