Emmy chat: Tony Hale says ‘Veep’s’ Gary is about more than tweezers

Gary Walsh, the long-suffering bag man to President Selina Meyer in HBO’s political satire “Veep,” had a moment this season. A big moment.

The utterly devoted assistant, played with comic brilliance by Tony Hale, stood up to his queen and told her in no uncertain terms exactly why she needs him and how much he does for her.

The Emmy-nominated Hale stopped by The Times recently to talk about the show and what, after years of abuse, sparked Gary’s outburst in that scene.


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“She said something to him that really broke him -- and, in his world, she is everything to him, but he thinks he is everything to her, like she can’t live without Gary -- so when she said, ‘You’re a middle-aged man who sanitizes my tweezers,’ that was like, What? That’s when it clicked and he let her have it.”

Of course, once the mysterious dark happenings of Labor Day are mentioned, all is forgiven and they’re back to master and servant. Check out the video above to hear what else Hale had to say -- including how Gary would try to marry Selina, and whom he wishes he had more scenes with on the show. And look for videos with your other favorite TV stars.


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