Emmy Contenders: Randall Park, out of hiding, talks ‘Fresh Off the Boat’

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“Fresh Off the Boat” star Randall Park dropped by the Los Angeles Times recently for a live video chat and these are among the things we learned about this fine comic actor:

1) His go-to karaoke song: “It Had To Be You.” He’s a crooner.

2) You do not want to get into a karaoke sing-off with Park’s “Fresh Off the Boat” co-star Constance Wu. She will destroy you.


3) After this conversation, Park will not be having any kind of birds-and-bees talk with his daughter when she turns the appropriate age.

4) Louis Huang’s restaurant in Orlando, the Golden Corral, is now a Hooters.

5) The controversy surrounding Park’s portrayal of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in “The Interview” was so crazy that Sony hired security to sit in a car, 24/7, outside Park’s house in the Valley.

“Initially, I thought this is crazy, but kind of cool,” Park says. “I was just living my daily life. But then I’d be at the market and people would be looking at me like, ‘What are you doing in the market? Shouldn’t you be in hiding?’ It started freaking me out. And that was at the beginning. It got bigger and bigger and bigger and before you knew it, I was in hiding. I’d be under my bed with a baseball bat.”

6) This. That’s Park’s daughter, Ruby. Bookmark and watch. (After you finish watching his conversation, of course.)

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