Quiz: Do you think ‘A Star Is Born’ should win best picture?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the London premiere of “A Star Is Born.”
(Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images)

The latest version of “A Star Is Born” has inspired boundless passion, countless memes and a fair amount of eye-rolling.

Does it have what it takes to earn a best picture nomination? Take this quiz to see if you’re in the sha-ha-sha-ha-ha-lows for this film.

1. Gender

(a) Female (7)


(b) Male (3)

From left to right, Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga in a scene from "A Star is Born."
(Peter Lindbergh / Warner Bros. Pictures)

2. How many times have you seen “A Star Is Born”?

(a) Once (4)


(b) Too many to count. (10)

(c) Stop bugging me! I’ll get around to it now that the World Series is over. (0)

3. How many other versions of “A Star Is Born” have you seen?

(a) All of them, including “What Price Hollywood?” (6)


(b) I started watching the Streisand one on Netflix the other night. Does that count? (2)

(c) Wait. There have been other versions??? (10)

Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand in the 1976 version of “A Star Is Born” from 1976.
(Corbis Historical)

4. When Gaga goes all “Haaaaaa-ahhhh-ahhh-ohhhh-ahhaaaaaa-ahhhh-ahhh-ohhhh-ah!!!” you’re, like:


(a) Queen! (10)

(b) Gesundheit! (2)

(c) Secretly wishing you had tinnitus like Jackson Maine. (0)

5. The movie’s attitude toward pop music is:


(a) Confusing (3)

(b) Condescending (0)

(c) (Taking ear buds out) I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. I was listening to Why Did You Do That?” (10)


6. Your ultimate romantic gesture:

(a) Dozen roses (3)

(b) Bag of frozen peas. (10)

7. Bradley Cooper’s voice sounds like:


(a) Sam Elliott (5)

(b) Heaven! (8)

(c) A sun-poisoned bullfrog dying in the gutter (0)

Gaga: I can’t tell which one of them is talking!
(Clay Enos / Warner Bros. Pictures)

8. You wake up each morning …

(a) Eager to face a brand-new day! (3)

(b) Burdened with regret, wishing for oblivion. It’s hard keepin’ it so hardcore. (8)

(c) Humming “Why Did You Do That?” over and over and over again. (9)


9. Favorite musical couple:

(a) Jay-Z and Beyonce (4)

(b) Kurt and Courtney (0)


(c) Sonny and Cher (8)

Sonny and Cher during happier days.
(Marianna Diamos / Los Angeles Times)

10. Did you choke up during the movie?

(a) I brushed away tears at the end, yes. (6)


(b) My eyes were as dry as the Arizona sky. (1)

(c) Constantly. This movie destroyed me. And if you didn’t weep, YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER! (10)

11. Element from the film you’d like to incorporate into your life:


(a) Authenticity (6)

(b) Martyrdom (4)

(c) Bradley Cooper’s self-tanner and whatever products he used to make his hair so amazing! (9)

Bradly Cooper in a scene from "A Star is Born."
(Peter Lindbergh / Warner Bros. Pictures)

12) Ultimately, “A Star Is Born” is about …

(a) … teaching that anything is possible, so long as a famous man is really into you. (3)

(b) … melodrama, myth-making and the cathartic power of a good cry. (10)

(c) … a half-hour too long. (0)



80 and above: You’re off the deep end!

40-79: Might need to take another look atchu before deciding.

0-39: Liked it better when it was called “Country Strong.”


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