‘Hunger Games’ rules DVD sales and rental charts


Lionsgate was back on top with its “Hunger Games” last week, returning to the top of both the sales and rental charts. Newcomer “The Dictator,” from Sasha Baron Cohen, made noise too, as did releases of Paramount TV shows “NCIS” and “Dexter” and Disney classics “Pocahontas” and “The Rescuers.”

Below are the 10 most bought and rented DVDs and Blu-ray discs in the the U.S. last week, according to Rentrak Corp.

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray sales

1. “The Hunger Games” (Lionsgate). Week 2.

2. “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” (Universal). Week 3.

3. “The Dictator” (Paramount). Week 1.

4. “NCIS: The Ninth Season” (Paramount). Week 1.

5. “Dexter: The Sixth Season” (Paramount/Showtime). Week 2.

6. “Pocahontas/Pocahontas II” (Disney). Week 1.

7. “The Rescuers/The Rescuers Down Under” (Disney). Week 1.

8. “The Aristocats” (Disney). Week 1.

9. “House: Season 8” (Universal) Week 1.

10. “Glee: The Complete Third Season” (Fox). Week 2.

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray rentals

1. “The Hunger Games” (Lionsgate). Week 2.

2. “The Dictator” (Paramount). Week 1.

3. “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” (Universal). Week 3.

4. “Bernie” (Millinnium Media Services). Week 1.

5. “Lockout” (Sony). Week 6.

6. “Freelancers” (Lionsgate). Week 1.

7. “American Reunion” (Universal). Week 7.

8. “Dexter: The Sixth Season” (Paramount). Week 2

9. “21 Jump Street” (Sony). Week 9.

10. “Silent House” (Universal). Week 5.


‘Hunger Games’ tops DVD sales and rentals


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