The Morning Fix: Curry out at ‘Today’? Lincoln hunts vampire fans.

After the coffee. Before finding a new hiding place for my pine tar.

The Skinny: I’m hoping Oklahoma City can extend the NBA Finals to at least six games. Thursday’s headlines include a look at whether “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” will slay audiences this weekend, a shake-up is in the works at NBC’s “Today” and TBS shells out big bucks for reruns of "2 Broke Girls.”

Daily Dose: If you thought you might escape the hype for Charlie Sheen’s new FX sitcom “Anger Management” by watching the Mets - Yankees games Saturday, think again. Sheen, an avid baseball fan and memorabilia collector, will be at the game and pop in the broadcast to talk sports and no doubt plug “Anger Management,” which debuts June 28.

Will it have bite? While Pixar’s “Brave” is expected to rule the box office this weekend, a lot of eyes are on 20th Century Fox’s quirky “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” The film, which sounds more like a Funny or Die parody than a real movie, is actually based on a popular novel. Fox has been heavily promoting the movie during the NBA finals as well as in baseball games in the hopes of wooing young men. A look at whether “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” will be able suck up some box-office blood from the Los Angeles Times.


Here today, gone tomorrow? The speculation is hot and heavy that NBC is getting ready to jettison Ann Curry from her job as co-host of its morning news show “Today.” Since taking over for Meredith Vieira last year, ratings have fallen and ABC’s “Good Morning America” has even managed to squeeze out a few wins against the once dominant show. Of course, the woes of “Today” can’t all be put on Curry as the network’s prime-time ratings have sunk and its local TV stations are all struggling as well. A look at the drama at NBC’s “Today” from the New York Times.

Liz & Dick and SAG & AFTRA. Spurred on by Lindsay Lohan’s recent car crash and acknowledgment of exhaustion, the Hollywood unions SAG and AFTRA are looking into whether the production of the Lifetime movie about Liz Taylor and Richard Burton is overworking cast and crew. Deadline Hollywood reports that Lohan’s diva-like behavior on the set isn’t helping matters.

Two rich girls. TBS is shelling out roughly $1.7 million per episode for reruns of CBS’ raunchy hit “2 Broke Girls.” The deal is unusual both for its price tag — the most a cable channel has paid for a comedy — and its timing, since the show only has one season under its belt. A look at the deal from Variety.

Casting a wide web. Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” is on track to open with at least $125 million over the Fourth of July weekend (which really isn’t a weekend since July 4 is on a Wednesday this year), according to the Hollywood Reporter.


At least they’re laughing now. CBS, which has tried unsuccessfully to get ABC’s new reality series “Glass House” pulled because of its alleged similarities to the network’s own “Big Brother” series, issued a mock press release Wednesday making fun of ABC. CBS said it was launching a new show called “Dancing on the Stars” in which “moderately famous and sort of well-known people you almost recognize competing for big prizes by dancing on the graves of some of Hollywood’s most iconic and well-beloved stars of stage and screen.” Actually, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. More on the prank from Entertainment Weekly

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Kenneth Turan on influential film critic Andrew Sarris, who died at the age of 83.

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