‘Brave’ debuts atop DVD sales chart; ‘Spider-Man’ is No. 1 rental

The animated feature “Brave” debuted at the top of the DVD sales chart, but couldn’t knock “The Amazing Spider-Man” from the top of the rental chart.

Pixar’s “Brave” was the top selling DVD and Blu-ray disc in the U.S. during the week ended Nov. 18, according to research firm Rentrak, but the No. 4 rented movie. In its second week on shelves, the “Spider-Man” reboot fell to No. 2 on the sales chart.

Other high-profile new releases were the Oliver Stone-directed drama “Savages,” which debuted at No. 3 on the sales chart, and Ben Stiller-Vince Vaughn comedy “The Watch,” which launched at No. 4. Neither was immediately available to rent from Redbox or Netflix and thus did not make Rentrak’s rental chart.


Below are the 10 most sold and rented movie discs during the week ended Nov. 17 (sales) and Nov. 18 (rentals), according to Rentrak.

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray sales

1. “Brave” (Disney). Week 1.

2. “The Amazing Spider-Man” (Sony). Week 2 (last week No. 1).

3. “Savages” (Universal). Week 1.

4. “The Watch” (Fox). Week 1.

5. “Arthur Christmas” (Sony). Week 2.

6. “Disney Fairies: Secret of the Wings” (Disney). Week 4.

7. “Madagscar 3" (Paramount). Week 5.

8. “The Avengers” (Disney). Week 8.

9. “The Campaign” (Warner Bros). Week 3.

10. “Magic Mike” (Warner Bros.). Week 4.

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray rentals

1. “The Amazing Spider-Man” (Sony). Week 2.

2. “Prometheus” (Fox). Week 6 (last week No. 1).

3. “The Campaign” (Warner Bros.). Week 3.

4. “Brave” (Disney). Week 1.

5. “That’s My Boy” (Sony). Week 5.

6. “Magic Mike” (Warner Bros.). Week 4.

7. “The Avengers” (Disney). Week 8.

8. “Madagascar 3" (Paramount). Week 5.

9. “The Raven” (Fox). Week 6.

10. “Arthur Christmas” (Sony). Week 2.


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