Regal makes peace with Disney on ‘Iron Man 3’

Actor Robert Downey Jr. poses for photographers during the "Iron Man 3" premiere in Paris on April 14.
(Thibault Camus / Associated Press)

Tony Stark’s theatrical prospects continue to improve.

Regal Entertainment, the nation’s largest theater chain, said it has ended its fight with Walt Disney Studios over how to split revenue from ticket sales for “Iron Man 3.”

“Regal has Iron Man 3!” the company said in a statement. “After some extensive talks with Disney, we’re glad to say that Tony Stark (the superhero industrialist played by Robert Downey Jr. ) will definitely be in our theaters for Iron Man 3. “

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Regal’s announcement followed a similar statement from AMC, the nation’s second-largest theater chain, that it, too, would resume selling advance tickets for the movie.

Regal and AMC had halted advance ticket sales last week, objecting to demands from Disney that it receive up to 65% of ticket sales from the Marvel Studios movie, which will be released May 3. Disney also is seeking higher payments for other upcoming titles and major theater chains have balked at the demands.


In its statement, Regal did not elaborate on what caused the turnaround, which came a day after the circuit had pulled all marketing materials for the film in protest over Disney’s handling of the matter.

“We’ve got [online ticketing service] Fandango working overtime right now to place tickets back on sale at all Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres,” Regal added in its statement.


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