Dan Bucatinsky talks naked truth of 'Scandal,' teases Season 3

Dan Bucatinsky has been in his share of gasp-worthy scenes on ABC's hit drama "Scandal" as smoking-gun-obsessed reporter James Novak -- let us not forget he would be dead were it not for his TV spouse's up-to-the-second change of heart in having him killed. (How sweet.)

And while the final moment -- the "Dad?" moment -- in the Season 2 finale had folks freaking out in their living rooms, Bucatinsky was involved in perhaps the second most-talked about scene, at least among the "Scandal" cast.

The naked arguing scene.

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"That was a shocker," Bucatinsky told The Times in a recent live Web chat. "None of us knew about that until we read it at the table read. We opened up the script and there it was -- a 5 1/2-page fight scene where we had to fight and take off all of our clothes ... It was probably the scariest thing I've had to do as an actor so far."

But it was the most amazing thing, in the eyes of his cast mates. Bucatinsky, who nabbed a guest acting Emmy nomination for his role as James, said fellow Emmy nominee Kerry Washington had the show's art department make posters that mimicked those of a wrestling match, dubbing the showdown as the "Barenaked Brawl." She put the posters all over the set and sold tickets to the event. Bucatinksy later had the image on the posters put onto a mug. (Check out the video above to see what it looks like.)

Other reasons to tune in: Bucatinsky teases what to expect from the new season of "Scandal," which will pick up 22 minutes after the epic "Dad?" scene (22! Not 20!) and will explore who leaked the information about Olivia Pope; plus, he talks "Web Therapy" and "Grey's Anatomy."


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