‘Homeland’s’ Morena Baccarin: Hiding pregnancy not an issue on set

“Homeland’s” Morena Baccarin found out she was pregnant before shooting the show’s upcoming third season. She thought the timing would be right, figuring that the Brody family would be a smaller part of the story line, what with the good sergeant (Damian Lewis) being a wanted man and all.

It turns out that the Brodys will be an integral part of the upcoming season. But as the Emmy-nominated Baccarin reveals in this video chat, her pregnancy didn’t turn out to be a problem, thanks to the magic of post-production and the show’s very understanding producers.


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Baccarin shared some insight about the upcoming season (eight episodes in and she still hasn’t shared a scene with Lewis!) and posed the interesting idea of what it would be like if her character, the long-suffering wife of the now-suspected terrorist, would join forces with Claire Danes’ CIA agent to clear Brody’s name. (And we agree. That would be awesome.)

Baccarin also talked about her Emmy-nominated episode, why her character, Jessica Brody, would have made a great political wife, and offered a little insight into a potential “Firefly” reunion. (You’ll be the first to know!) Listen in. It will whet your appetite for “Homeland’s” return next month.



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