Emmys 2013: ‘Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke reacts -- in Dothraki?


Yer chomoe anhaan. Jin ha Khalaan, shekh ma shieraki anni.”

That’s Dothraki, in case you were wondering. And it’s what “Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke had to say in her character Daenerys Targaryen’s native tongue Thursday morning after receiving word she had been nominated for a supporting actress Emmy in the drama category.

Apparently, it means “You do honor to me. This is for the Khal - my sun and stars.” But we were more interested in the 26-year-old Brit’s response to the news in English. If you are too, here’s what she had to say about the honor:

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How did you hear the news?
It’s a ridiculous story -- 6 a.m. rolls around and my alarm went off, and I definitely didn’t set it. So I was in this groggy daze, trying to find shoes to throw at whatever appliance was making that noise, and then I saw my phone. We’d been talking about the Emmy nominations over the last few days, but praying, wishing and hoping that David and Dan would get nominated for writing.

Why do you think your role resonated with the Academy?
I think probably my dragons did it. Maybe they were scared. No – I’m lucky enough to get to play a seriously strong woman who is going from strength to strength, and if you’re a woman who is empowered, maybe you like that.

How has Dany evolved?
Throughout the season she’s had an insane transformation from someone who barely even spoke and timidly did everything her brother said into a mother of dragons and a queen of armies and a killer of slave masters. She’s a very Joan of Arc-style character.

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How do you take Dany seriously when surrounded by such fantastical elements?
It does come down solely to the writing. It’s so brilliant that it’s impossible not to take it very realistically and to see the realism in the writing. It’s so believable, it’s so real, that there’s not a moment that you’re thinking, ‘I’ve got three dragons in front of me and everyone’s killing everyone.”

What are your expectations for the award show itself?
I’m hoping we all get to hang out together and shout ‘Woo-hoo!’ when they announce our nomination.


There will probably be a few people there who got killed off last season, right?
I think there may be. We’ll be raising a bottle to them and their late souls on the show.

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Are fans still overwhelmed by what happened with the red wedding?
Yes! People get really excited, and it’s an infectious energy. It’s lovely to see.

How are you going to top that?
I’ve just finished reading Season Four, and I genuinely didn’t think we could get better than Season Three. But I’m reading it with my jaw to the floor. Season Four is phenomenal. I’m going to go to Comic Con and people are literally going to have to run to cover my mouth so I don’t talk about it. As the show gets recognized more and as everyone gets more confident in themselves, I think it gets even better.

Do you know any of your fellow nominees?
Not personally, no. I know them all by my sincere admiration for them. I was like, ‘Oh my God, Maggie!’ I can’t believe my name is even within 16 miles of her.

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Which show would you want to guest star on?
My very best friend ever, Rose Leslie, who plays Ygritte on the show, was on “Downton Abbey.” My Brit sort of says maybe that. One of the shows I would very much love to be a part of is “Mad Men” -– walking around that office. Or being a meth head in “Breaking Bad” –- that would be wicked. Then I’d really start seeing dragons.

Has Dany’s confidence bled over to your off-screen life?
I would like to say yes, but I think my British kind of sensibility takes over. Sitting at home, I do sometimes go, “What would Dany do?” Trying out that side of your personality is really wonderful. You don’t want to cross me on a date.


What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?
Something in music. Something creative. I do love singing. I wouldn’t say I’m any good, but I definitely love it – especially jazz singing.

If you could duet with Neil Patrick Harris during the show, what would you sing?
“The Way You Look Tonight.”


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