Amanda Bynes rails against parents, mentions diagnosis and medication

Amanda Bynes was back online in the wee hours Tuesday and into the morning, telling the world about her parental and conservatorship woes and perhaps revealing a mental-health diagnosis.


“I need to get an apartment and my parents won’t give me access to any of my funds,” the 28-year-old said on Twitter in a series of posts that went up shortly after midnight. “I was diagnosed bi - polar and manic depressive so I’m on medication and I’m seeing my psychologist and pyshchiatrist weekly so I’m fine :D. I’m not living with my parents. I’m not legally obligated to.”

Citing her lawyer -- though a judge said last week that Bynes couldn’t enter into an attorney-client contract because she’s under conservatorship, so maybe that’s her court-appointed lawyer -- she tweeted that “if I comply with the courts and take my meds and see my psychologist and pyshchiatrist weekly then I will get unconserved. Thank GOD.”


Bynes has been using gift cards from her parents to pay for everyday expenses, TMZ reported Monday. The cards are reportedly delivered to the court-appointed lawyer and handed off. Her parents have control of her finances under the conservatorship.

So why the “perhaps” regarding that diagnosis admission? Well, hours later, Bynes sort of took it back -- though she didn’t delete the tweets, despite having deleted every other tweet posted between May 15 and last night.

“I was at a friends apartment last night and one of my friends tweeted my phone , sorry guys !,” Bynes said around 7 a.m.

While diagnoses of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia have been bandied about in reports and conversations about the retired actress’ recent struggles, mother Lynn Bynes and her parents’ attorney, Tamar Armanik, said publicly earlier this year that there had been no diagnosis of either condition.

Amanda Bynes was in inpatient rehab last November and December, then received outpatient care while living with her parents. Her mother’s conservatorship ended sometime in September, after which the “She’s the Man” star was again arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, then traveled to New York, where she was again behaving erratically.

The Byneses maneuvered their daughter into flying home from New York City and showing up at a Pasadena mental health hospital, where she was involuntarily committed for a little more than two weeks.

However, after doctors reportedly obtained an additional 30-day hold, a hearing officer found Bynes competent to take care of herself, and she was released late Thursday. Her parents, though, had managed to renew the conservatorship over her medical and financial decisions.

Since her release, she’s railed once against her parents on Twitter and was spotted on Sunset Boulevard in pursuit of a hotel room.

After lamenting the condition of her hair Tuesday morning -- “My hair is hideous” -- Bynes again opened fire on her folks.

“I’m so mad at my parents. They are with holding my belongings and money from me so I don’t have new clothes or enough money to rent an apartment. We aren’t speaking,” she said in a series of tweets. “So until I get a different conservator ill look terrible because I don’t have enough to get new clothes or anything I need.”

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