Amber Rose explains shift from at-home water birth to C-section


Amber Rose’s birth plan involved midwives, a doula and an at-home water birth -- but at the last minute, she wound up getting a C-section instead.

On Tuesday she explained why to talk-show host and childbirth-choice advocate Ricki Lake: The baby was positioned for a breech delivery.

“I found out really, really late that my son was breech,” said the future Mrs. Wiz Khalifa. “It was almost 38 weeks into my pregnancy, so I had to just switch. My ideal birth plan was just down the drain.”


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One of her midwives told her that the “big lump” up by her ribs was the baby’s head, and advised a trip to the doc for an ultrasound to confirm the presentation.

Rose said she and her fiance had been greatly influenced by Lake’s documentary “The Business of Being Born.” Still, making a U-turn was challenging.

“It literally took me the whole time to prepare for a water birth, [then] in an instant I was going to get my abdomen cut open and [have] major surgery,” the new mom of Sebastian explained. “And I’ve never had surgery before, so I was really really scared.”

She didn’t give up on the home birth idea without a fight, either.

“I tried mugwort, acupuncture, and then my last resort was inversion, which is where you go to the hospital and they manually try to turn your baby -- like, they they push his head down and push his butt up. It hurt, a lot. It was very painful. i cried.

At that point, she said, after trying everything, she decided she just wanted her baby. “If I have to have a C-section, fine.”


“But I told Wiz, you know, if we go to the hospital and my baby turns around, I’m going back home!” she joked.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, nicknamed “The Bash,” was born happy and healthy on Feb. 21.


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