What makes Channing Tatum cry? The delivery room, it seems

Channing Tatum’s a big, strong man, but he was reduced to tears by the recent birth of his little baby girl Everly, he told Chelsea Handler on her talk show Thursday night.

And they seem to have been tears of panic, not tears of joy!

While his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, was in labor and in pain, he said, “I probably went to the bathroom like four times and had, like, a crying fit, like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’”

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He added, “You physically cannot help. I’m still not helping, and the baby’s out.”

Perhaps he should cut himself a little slack, as he already admitted being eager to help out with the diapers.

“I’ve never been so excited when something poos,” Tatum said on “Good Morning America” earlier this week. “I just get so amped up because I’m in the game now ... I’ve gotten so good at changing diapers, swaddling and get it back before she cries.”

He was also stoked about his first Father’s Day, which told Handler he enjoyed with both his father and father-in-law this year.

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He thought, “Oh wow, I get a whole ‘nother holiday, this is great!,” he said.

Super-dad aside, the “White House Down” star had props for all women after his experience in the delivery room.

“There’s a real reason why God did not give us [men] this ability to have babies because we would not be able to do it,” he said to the “Chelsea Lately” host. “You guys, I don’t know how you do it.... It’s a real thing. It’s like National Geographic. Like, animal style, for real.”

Fans can see Tatum doing what he can do in “White House Down,” costarring Jamie Foxx, now in theaters.


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