Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Nothing can motivate me’ to work out

Jennifer Lawrence loves to eat, and she makes no secret of it.

Thank goodness.

In the December issue of InStyle, the 23-year-old “Hunger Games” star disclosed how she loathed dieting and exercise as the magazine’s December cover girl (pre-pixie haircut.)

“Nothing can motivate me,” she told the mag (via People). “During ‘Hunger Games,’ when I was eating ungodly amounts, I used to tell myself, ‘Stop eating, people are going to see this. This movie is going to be around forever.’ But nope! I was like, I still want candy and I still want a hot dog!”


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Even if she binge-ate hot dogs every day, we wouldn’t be able to tell, given her latest red carpet appearance in a backless Christian Dior gown at “Catching Fire’s” London premiere Monday. We’re chalking this up to fast metabolism (and shaking our heads).

The Oscar-winning actress wasn’t even motivated when it came to her body-paint laden Mystique costume for her other blockbuster franchise, “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” The shape-shifting mutant’s blue getup required the actress to be pretty much naked.

“Then ‘X-Men’ started, and I thought, ‘Oh definitely, I’ll work out and diet.’ But nope. Not me!” she said. The costume, which she likened to “wearing rubber paint,” took a lot out of her in the form of good old H20. She said she drank water all the time but barely felt the need to use the bathroom.

Her latest comments come on the heels of her diatribe against unhealthy body image during a Yahoo chat promoting “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” last week.

“It’s not until we stop treating each other like that and just stop calling each other fat ... with these unrealistic expectations for women. It’s disappointing that the media keeps it alive and fuels that fire,” she said. “That’s something that really bothers me because I love to eat.”

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In October, the pixie-coiffed actress also railed against the detractors who called her heavy early in her career.

“Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight. They brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet,” she said in the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

“They thought that because of the way my career had gone, it wouldn’t still hurt me. That somehow, after I won an Oscar, I’m above it all. ‘You really still care about that?’ Yeah. I was a little girl. I was hurt,” she added. “It doesn’t matter what accolades you get. I know it’ll never happen to me again. If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go ... yourself.’”

And on that note, the full InStyle interview hits newsstand Nov. 15.


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