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Justin Bieber has a ‘Bad Day’ or two in Brazil

Remember when Justin Bieber was that clean-cut mop-top who made the little girls scream with innocent first love? Fix that sweet image in your mind, ‘cause we’re about to go in the direction of “Bieber at a Brazilian bordello.”

But first, we’re hitting the bottle — or more accurately, the bottle was hitting the Biebs, causing him to exit the concert stage early Saturday night in Sao Paulo. Fans were left confused after a water bottle thrown at the stage connected with the singer’s face, TMZ reported.

The pop sensation allegedly glared at the audience before taking off, which was a far cry from a similar incident in 2009, recalled by TMZ, in which he basically said “ouch” after getting pegged onstage and went on performing.

Fans hung around in their seats for about a half an hour waiting for him to return, singing “Baby” as a group themselves, but then the lights came up and the crew started taking down equipment. And that was it, folks.


Perhaps Justin was a little cranky to start with after being photographed Friday coming out of Rio’s notorious Centaurus club, allegedly a house of ill repute, after he spent about three hours inside, as Page Six reported Saturday.

(Prostitution is not a crime in Brazil, but running house of prostitution is; Centaurus has been the focus of at least one crackdown.)

The Biebs may have thought he was at a private, members-only club, according to a source that spoke with the MailOnline. Still, after three hours in that kind of environment, you’d think a person would guess something else might be gong on.

Though the 19-year-old “Boyfriend” singer was covered with a sheet on his way from club to black SUV, he was identifiable by a visible wrist tattoo, the paper said. Photogs also reportedly identified him through his security team.


And adding insult to the actual water-bottle injury last weekend: Katy Perry on Sunday unseated Bieber as the most popular person on Twitter, nine months after Bieber took the title from Lady Gaga.

It’s almost enough to make a guy put his shirt back on.

Coincidentally, Bieber’s newest single, “Bad Day,” came out over the weekend.


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