Justin Bieber strips naked for his grandma

New photos of Justin Beiber have surfaced. Ahem, naked photos.

Come again?

The booty-baring (and slightly NSFW) pics were taken at his grandmother’s house in Toronto last Thanksgiving. The uber cutie — well, that depends on who you ask — woke up from a holiday nap and had a brilliant idea.

So brilliant in fact, he decided to test it on Grandma. He nuded up, grabbed his guitar, conveniently placed it where he needed to place it and serenaded away, giving those vocal cords quite the run.


“I loooove you, Grandmaaaa, how are youuuu, hellooo, Grandma,” were his lyrics of choice. And guess what? Little lady actually enjoyed it! Add to that Bieber’s family and friends. And who knows, maybe the folks of the Internet world?

Again, depends on who you ask.

Now if any of this sounds familiar, TMZ says it’s because Bieber went all “Forrest Gump” — imitating actress Robin Wright as she played Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” wearing nothing but her guitar in the 1994 film.

Alas, Grandma eventually asked her 19-year-old grandson to clothe himself. Thanks, Grandma, we owe you one.



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