Kardashians blow things up off Marina del Rey, because they can (Happy birthday, James Harden)

Khloe Kardashian woke people up all along the L.A. County coastline Tuesday night with a massive offshore fireworks display in honor of boyfriend James Harden's birthday.

Khloe Kardashian woke people up all along the L.A. County coastline Tuesday night with a massive offshore fireworks display in honor of boyfriend James Harden’s birthday.

(Robin Marchant / Getty Images, left; Ethan Miller / Getty Images, right.)

Khloe Kardashian threw a 26th-birthday party for boyfriend James Harden on Tuesday night on a yacht off Marina del Rey — but the centerpiece of the celebration, a major fireworks show at midnight, was not a welcome gift to everyone who experienced it.

“Last night was tooooo much fun!!! I made some new best friends @belvederevodka and @HennessyUS,” the 31-year-old reality TV star gushed Wednesday afternoon on Twitter, pimping out a couple of brands that likely helped sponsor the 200-guest party. “yeah I need a nap today for sure.”

At least she lost sleep by choice: Lots of coastal Angelenos were surprised by the sounds of the Kardashians having fun, and one city councilman was truly ticked.

“At midnight last night, an enormous fireworks show in Santa Monica Bay woke up thousands of people in Marina Del Rey, Venice, Playa del Rey and elsewhere,” Councilman Mike Bonin said Wednesday in a statement on Facebook. “This ridiculous, rude, and loud celebrity birthday bash woke up school children, scared pets, and rousted thousands of people from a good night’s sleep.”

On Twitter, he tagged his fireworks-related posts "#stupidrude.”


Bonin said the city hadn’t permitted the 15-minute display and that the yacht was anchored out far enough in the bay that L.A. County Beaches and Harbors, the Marina’s operator and overseer, had no jurisdiction. (Those two entities co-host an annual Fourth of July fireworks display shot from on a barge across the marina’s main channel.)

But wait! According to TMZ — which has video of the fireworks — no permit was needed, only a safety sign-off from the U.S. Coast Guard. Which brings us back to #stupidrude.

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were displaying black-and-white snaps from the party’s photo booth on social media, with Kim wishing her sister’s beau, “Happy Birthday Jaaaaaaaames!!!!” (The Houston Rockets player’s actual birthday is Aug. 26.) In one of the pics, Khloe wear’s a captain’s hat. Kylie kept it efficient, posting one picture of a bunch of photo-booth shots.

Others at the party included Kourtney Kardashian (Scott Disick’s ex), Tyga (Kylie’s boyfriend), Corey Gamble (Kris’ boyfriend) and Amber Rose (Kanye’s ex), Us Weekly reported Harden got to have a couple of buddies on hand as well: NBA players Trevor Ariza and Baron Davis. “Onlookers” told the mag that everyone screamed when the fireworks went off, then serenaded Harden with “The Birthday Song.”

Wonder if they could hear the Little People on shore screaming at exactly the same time?

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