Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner reunite at ‘American Ultra’ premiere

There was a dash of “Twilight” at the “American Ultra” premiere: Taylor Lautner joined Kristen Stewart on the red carpet.

The thespians also known as Jacob and Bella chitchatted and posed upon arrival at the screening in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“He’s ... one of my best friends,” Stewart told E! News, “so I just thought, ‘Come and see the movie and hang out.’ ”


Well, doesn’t that sound awfully normal. Except for the whole Hollywood premiere part. Lautner is, she says, one of her “boys.”

Her character is the strongest one in the movie, “Ultra” costar Jesse Eisenberg told Esquire recently, while Stewart dropped a “Twilight” reference into the same interview.

"[I]t’s just lovely to see someone give something up,” she said by way of agreeing with her character’s notion that sacrificing in the name of love is admirable. “It’s why I wanted to do ‘Twilight.’ Literally.

“That’s why I thought it was so silly when people would be like, ‘So how do you feel about playing such a weak character that’s so subject to the male counterpart?’ And I’m like, “She’s practicing free will.” I think it’s so courageous and cool, especially considering she worked so hard to get to where she was and she probably, through him, learned more about herself....”

The stoner-secret-agent action movie, which hits theaters Friday, also features Topher Grace and a ton of explosions.

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