Lady Gaga gets vomited on at SXSW — on purpose, in living color

As put-together as a Versace-clad Lady Gaga was for the Oscars, she tore off that facade with crazy, drippy gusto for her South by Southwest performance Thursday night at Stubb's Bar-B-Q — incorporating into her act a barbecue spit, black and green vomit and a ball-gagged mechanical pig.

Gaga went on the spit, the vomit went on Gaga, and what was going on on the pig was ... messy.


Just another day at the office, when Mother Monster meets Austin, Texas, weirdness.

So, about the vomiting, which is probably the weirdest thing that went down: Gaga pulled it off with help from performance artist Millie Brown, whose offstage work can be seen in step-by-step progress courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Deal is, she doesn't eat for two days to clean out her system, then she drinks a bunch of colored milk, gags herself and regugitates the liquid onto a canvas that's been laid on the floor. Then she changes up the color and repeats the, ahem, gag. Where the goo lands is where it belongs.

On Thursday night, where it belonged was, well, all over Lady Gaga. First came the neon green goo, which Brown spit up on the drum-playing singer during the tune "Swine." Then the ladies moved to the mechanical bucking pig, Gaga on her back, Brown on top, grinding with each other while Brown proceeded to spit up the black stuff. (Catch a bit of that in the video above.)

"For the rest of the show, Gaga would have this black sheen, marking her as a metaphorical survivor of rape and an actual survivor of performance art," Rolling Stone said of the aftermath.

For what it's worth, the show's corporate sponsors seemed pleased Friday. Go figure.

Shortly before the raw performance, the singer taped an appearance for Jimmy Kimmel's show, donning a dress made completely of coffee filters. Gaga on Friday would go on to do a SXSW keynote address that was more like a keynote conversation, according to The Times' Mikael Wood — read the details here at Pop & Hiss.


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