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Lindsay Lohan with Oprah Winfrey: An interview of substance(s)

Lindsay Lohan is addicted to alcohol but not to cocaine, though she did use cocaine more often than she’s admitted in the past because it allowed her to drink more alcohol. You get the picture.

Oh, she’s also off Adderall, which she used to think grounded her, and has never injected anything stronger than a B12 shot. But she takes Nexium because she has acid reflux.

Admit it: If you were Lindsay Lohan, you’d probably have acid reflux too, because girlfriend said she’s also addicted to chaos, something she picked up early in life.

Nuts and bolts, that’s what was revealed on the substance-abuse front Sunday night on Lohan’s big-deal “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview with Oprah Winfrey, during which the 27-year-old actress appeared calm, collected and more focused than she has in quite a while.


Guess that’s what rehab can do for you if you approach it, as Lohan said Sunday, without the resistance she’s had in her previous five attempts.

Compare the clear-eyed clip above with her April appearance on David Letterman’s show right before she went into rehab, when she was nervously giggling and speed-talking, parrying questions rather than answering them, eyes bleary and tearing up when Letterman cut too close to the bone.

Winfrey asked questions similar to Letterman’s — what’s your drug of choice, for example — but this time Lohan answered.

She also refused to blame her attention-hungry family for any of her issues, saying that it was she who drove drunk and drank and the like. She admitted that during a frenzied, mid-argument call to her father complaining about her mom, she’d lied about her mother using cocaine. Lilo did, however, say she was asking her parents to keep family issues private within the family, moving forward.


Also moving forward she hoped to shed her rep as, in Winfrey’s words, “an adjective and verb for bad behavior and child star gone wrong.”

“I hate that title,” Lohan said. “That’s not what I ever aspired to be.”

If you missed the interview Sunday night (off watching “Breaking Bad,” perhaps?) you can get a play-by-play from Show Tracker


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