Lindsay Lohan launches website, nails ‘Eastbound and Down’ role


Lindsay Lohan has launched a new website and has apparently rocked out her guest performance on HBO’s “Eastbound and Down.”

The newly rehabbed star is making headlines again, for good reason. On Thursday, the troubled “Mean Girls” actress also rehabilitated her domain. relaunched with a sweet message titled “Welcome” from its titular patron.

“To my fans, Welcome to my new site… Your support has been everything. I’m so excited for what’s next. xo All my love, Lindsay,” she wrote, and teased to the post on Instagram.


New features will include Lohan’s Instagram photos, other behind-the-scenes photos, interview videos and a style section.

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While her bio makes no mention of her battles with addiction and run-ins with the law, it does attempt to reformulate the reason behind the actress’ notoriety.

“With every cadence and nuance in Lindsay’s career, her capacity to keep the public on its toes, guessing, and intrigued has been a key ingredient to her one-of-a-kind journey and fame,” the bio reads. “Poised for an epic return to the spotlight, undoubtedly all eyes will be locked on Lindsay.”

It’s been quite the turn for the scandal-laden star who had taken a social-media vacation during her latest stint in court-ordered rehab. But it seems as if she’s making her way back into the spotlight, one guest appearance at a time.

Lohan will guest star on “Eastbound and Down’s” series finale, playing the grown-up illegitimate daughter to bad boy Kenny Powers, played by Danny McBride.

“Lindsay didn’t just conduct herself professionally while on set this week in North Carolina -- showing up on time and memorizing her lines backwards and forwards -- she was actually funny too,” TMZ said.

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LiLo reportedly even got a standing ovation from the cast and crew and had her sober-living coach with her the entire time she was on set, the site said.

Lohan also posted a selfie on Instagram proclaiming her current re-employment. “Back@work! So grateful today!” the note said.

On Friday she posted another selfie on set.

“Oh to brush my teeth on set @ #workhard -never felt so good! Lol,” she wrote, posting a photo of herself with a toothbrush in one hand and a cigarette in another.

She also nailed her guest hosting stint on the Aug. 5 edition of E!'s “Chelsea Lately.”

“I’m back, I’m happy and healthy and I’m sorry paparazzi but if you want to take a picture of somebody who’s really [messed] up then you’ll just have to wait till Chelsea’s back!” Lohan said happily.

Even Oprah Winfrey is giving her a sterling testimonial following the Queen of TV’s no-holds-barred interview that will air on OWN this Sunday.

“I thought that she was in the best place I’ve ever seen her, but I haven’t seen her since I think 2009 or ’06 or something,” Winfrey said on “Good Morning America.”

“But I believe that she believes that she is now ready. And she admitted that there had been other times where she was pretending to be ready and not quite sure and sometimes resentful that she was being, you know, put in a position where she had to go to rehab. I think this is the first time I could see that she feels it really benefited her.”

Way to go, LiLo!


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