Mayim Bialik explains why she’s blogging Jewish aspects of divorce

"The Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Bialik explains that she blogged about the Jewish aspects of her divorce to help other women who might be going through a similar experience.
(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Mayim Bialik says she blogged about her divorce to be helpful to other women.

“The Big Bang Theory” actress, 37, who plays quirky neurobiologist Amy Farrah-Fowler on the CBS sitcom and is a neuroscientist in real life, filed for divorce from Michael Stone in November after being married since 2003. The mother of two also writes for Jewish mommy blog Kveller and said she wanted to shed some light on the religious protocol involved in ending her marriage.

“I wanted to write about some of the more complicated aspects. And specifically, also, there’s certain things [related] to Jewish divorce that people don’t know about,” she told Access Hollywood.

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“There’s something called a ‘Get,’” she said. “There’s a religious process. You sit in the same room and you watch your divorce deed be written. It’s actually a very interesting thousands-year-old document that you watch written and you have to be in the same room as your ex.”

The divorce was finalized in May and soon after, the “Blossom” alum typed up a monthlong series of blog posts on the life-changing aspects of the split, including the process of getting the “Get,” how many Shabbat candles a divorced woman could light, why she continued to cover her head during prayer and why she no longer partook in the religious bathing of women called a mikveh.

“To me, it was a very cathartic, very emotionally powerful sense of closure for us,” said the Emmy nominee. “It’s very intense. So I wrote for Kveller about some of those aspects in hopes to kind of maybe [be] helpful to other people or other women.”



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