Mike Myers explains his kids’ quirky names, Spike and Sunday


Mike Myers has finally explained his children’s curious names, baby.

The “Supermensch” director offered up his reasoning during a Thursday appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman.”

The “Austin Powers” star and his wife, Kelly Tisdale, whom he wed in 2010, welcomed their son, Spike, in September 2011. In April, the pair welcomed their second child, a daughter named Sunday Molly. And their mini-mes both got unusual monikers.

“Spike is a very common Liverpool nickname if your name is Eric,” the “Shrek” star said.

The 51-year-old “Saturday Night Live” alum said he also loves Irish-English comedian and writer Spike Milligan (as well as Spike Jones and Spike Jonze, “the radio guy, and the director,” respectively).


As for his daughter, Sunday Molly Myers, well, there’s a bit of a back story there.

“Sunday is because me and my wife Kelly hate Sundays — I’m not even kidding — and we wanted to turn it around and make it a good thing,” he added.

“Molly is because of my Auntie Molly in Liverpool, England, who was my dad’s sister but more like my grandmother who I love very much and she’s my guardian angel,” Myers said.

Then Myers and Letterman shared a few adorable snapshots of the kids.

The Canadian actor seemed to draw a lot of inspiration from across the pond, and went on to say that his “really super funny” son seems to have an unusual effect.

“He has a weird accent. I’m from Toronto — I have a Canadian accent, yay — and my wife’s from Boston, but we live in New York City. He has this weird accent,” Myers said, going on to imitate his son in what we can only describe as a polite English-Caribbean accent.

“I’m thinking, are you from the Islands? He’s almost got this Jamaican thing,” Myers quipped.

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