Miley Cyrus, now 21, performs with fabulous singing space kitten

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On Saturday, Miley Cyrus turned 21. And on Sunday, she performed her hit “Wrecking Ball” accompanied by a flying, lip-synching space kitten.

Forget the literal nature of the official “Wrecking Ball” video, in which Cyrus rides a wrecking ball naked and breaks things. (Get it? She’s on a wrecking ball and she’s singing about being like a wrecking ball? And hearts are broken? Like a wrecking ball breaks things? It resonates.)

For the American Music Awards on Sunday, the newly booze-legal Cyrus decked herself out in a kitty-conscious, two-piece, almost-an-outfit and invoked the essence of the Internet -- cats -- behind her in a presentation that was anything but literal. Because, literally, what does a lip-synching, flying, occasionally crying space kitten mean? We don’t get it at all.

It’s best if you just witness a bit of the performance for yourself, above, as featured on ABC’s “America This Morning,” and look for deeper meaning. Alas, spoiler alert, there’s no cameo from Grumpy Cat. Also no little people, dancing teddy bears or black women with large behinds, maybe because Miley’s totally been there, done that.


There was a bit of a weird show going on at Cyrus’ 21st birthday party on Sunday night at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood after the American Music Awards, TMZ reported. Alcohol abounded, of course (otherwise, really, what’s the point of a 21st birthday party?), plus strippers and an appearance by a Lorax furry. No word on whether the Lorax got twerked. We can only dream. Or have nightmares.

Also going on in the real-life Land of Miley: Girlfriend’s house was burglarized Friday night, with the bad guys making off with over $100,000 worth of loot, according to TMZ, including jewelry and high-end purses. Because it can’t all be fun and kittens.


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