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Robert Downey Jr. as a pinup girl is the Internet’s new favorite meme

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. is envisioned as a pin-up girl on Alex Costello’s Tumblr blog.
(Alex Costello)

Robert Downey Jr. can be one sassy lady -- at least, on a poster.

The Hollywood superstar is the Internet’s newest favorite meme thanks to an 18-year-old in Pennsylvania who pasted the “Iron Man” actor’s face onto classic pinup girl art.

The result is a hilarious, and slightly disturbing, combination that has been shared and viewed repeatedly on social media.

Alex Costello said the initial idea for the RDJ pinups was not hers, but when the blog that had started the meme was deactivated, she wanted to keep the tradition alive for the enjoyment of the Internet. It worked, and the meme has become a sensation.


The Robert Downey Jr. pinup blog currently has 2,696 followers.

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