Rosie O’Donnell on split with wife: ‘Who knows what tomorrow brings’

Is Rosie O’Donnell leaving the door open just a little bit on her marriage to Michelle Rounds, whom she separated from in November?

“Right now we’re not living together,” she told “Access Hollywood.” “We’re trying to see what’s the best for everybody. I love her very much.”

The split was confirmed by O’Donnell’s rep on Friday, along with the comic’s departure from “The View.” (Her last day is Friday.)

The Emmy winner, who suffered a heart attack in August 2012, is leaving “The View” for health reasons, she said. Rumors of backstage drama on the show have been bubbling since its relaunch in September with O’Donnell back among the panelists.

“Rosie has teens and an infant at home that need her attention,” rep Cindi Berger said in a statement Friday. “This has been a very stressful situation. She is putting her personal health and family first.”


O’Donnell posted a video Monday explaining her decision to leave the show, first noting that stress is “very bad for heart attack survivors.”

“There’s lots of stuff going on at home and there’s lots of stuff going on at work, and the only thing I can really control is work,” she said. “By leaving.”

O’Donnell had four kids already when she and second wife Rounds adopted a daughter. They are sharing custody of the 2-year-old, People said.

The couple got engaged in December 2011 and married secretly in June 2012, before Rounds went in for surgery for desmoid tumors, which can be life-threatening.

Now, here’s more of that open-door stuff: “You know, we’ve been through a lot. ... So, we’ll see,” O’Donnell said of her marriage.

“Who knows what tomorrow brings.”

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