Taylor Swift: Never give ‘em a chance to say you’re ‘crazy’

Watch out for Taylor Swift when she’s quiet.

“Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums,” says Glamour’s 75th anniversary cover girl. “Never give anyone an excuse to say that you’re crazy.”

Not that she’d be likely to know it if someone on the Internet was calling her crazy — she chooses not to look. No, she’s not ignoring the whole Internet, just the parts that seem dangerous to her mental well-being and her health as a songwriter.

“I know when not to read an article,” the 24-year-old tells the mag. “Is it going to help my day? Is it important for my life? If the answer is no, then I just don’t click.... “I’m careful about getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is the Internet because, as a songwriter, I don’t have the option of having thick skin. As a writer you have to be open to everything, and that includes pain, rejection, self-doubt, fear. I deal with that enough on my own. If you look hard enough, you could find somebody on the Internet criticizing every single thing about you. If you’re me.”


Truth, girlfriend — her dating life alone, as recounted in song, is enough to get those negative stories going. But she says her goal is to continue writing about what’s really happening to her, and if what’s happening to her is a relationship, so be it.

But what happens the day she stumbles into the relationship?

“I do fear that if I ever were to have someone in my life who mattered, I would second-guess every one of my lyrics,” she says.

We can’t wait to hear what that album would sound like!

The new issue of Glamour hits newsstands in a week.


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