Tori Spelling shot a sex tape with her hubby — will it go public?

Tori Spelling says she and husband Dean McDermott shot a sex tape together on Valentine's Day 2009.
Tori Spelling says she and husband Dean McDermott shot a sex tape together on Valentine’s Day 2009.
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Tori Spelling has a sex tape, shot with husband Dean McDermott on Valentine’s Day 2009, she revealed recently in her new book. And someone’s reportedly interested in making it public.

Ah, the romance. What, did the chocolates-and-flowers routine get old?

So now that the world knows such a tape exists, who wants it? Why, Vivid Video porn honcho Steve Hirsch, of course! And he’s willing to pay more than the high six figures he dropped on “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham’s video, according to TMZ.

We would expect no less. This is good girl Donna Martin we’re talking about, after all. And at the time the tape was made, she was only a mother of two, not four like she is now.


“This is a serious offer for a real tape and it could yield significant returns to help you through your difficult financial situation,” Hirsch wrote in a letter obtained by the website. Notice the emphasis on “real” — there’s an expectation that he get a preview of the product before coughing up any cash.

The allusion to Spelling and McDermott’s “difficult financial situation” refers to an interview the reality-TV mom gave People last week in which she said they couldn’t even afford a vasectomy for Dean. He, however, contradicted his wife shortly thereafter, saying they had projects in the works and “things are going well.”

Apparently well enough that they’re not even entertaining Hirsch’s offer, sources close to Spelling told TMZ.

We’re guessing those four little kids would say a quiet “thank you,” if they actually understood what was going on.


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