Elena of Avalor meets the ghosts of her abuelo’s old friends in exclusive clip  

Watch an exclusive clip from the “Elena of Avalor” episode “The Return of El Capitan.” 


Princess Elena of Avalor can see ghosts, but only on Dia de los Muertos.

Elena lets her abuelo Francisco in on her special ability in the exclusive clip from “Elena of Avalor,” above.

After sharing what appears to be an emotional moment with her abuelo, or grandfather, Elena notices a couple of lively spirits floating around. When she realizes they are the ghosts of her abuelo’s friends, El Guerrero and El Místico, Elena tries to tell him that the pair are right there with him.

Of course, Francisco is a bit skeptical about the whole situation.

The scene is from the upcoming “Elena of Avalor” episode titled “The Return of El Capitan.” In the episode, Elena and her abuelo will set off with El Guerrero and El Místico on a mission the three old friends were unable to complete many years ago.


Award-winning animator Jorge Gutierrez guest stars in the episode as the voice of El Guerrero, and El Místico is voiced by fellow guest star and “Bull” actor Freddy Rodriguez.

“The Return of El Capitan” premieres Saturday on Disney Junior.

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