‘Adventure Time’: Rebecca Sugar and Olivia Olson discuss Marceline in an exclusive clip

“Adventure Time’s” Rebecca Sugar and Olivia Olson discuss the evolution of Marceline’s backstory.


An ax bass-wielding half-demon songstress with a penchant for pranks, Marceline the Vampire Queen was one of the most intriguing characters on “Adventure Time” during its 10-season run on Cartoon Network.

In a new exclusive clip from the upcoming “Adventure Time: The Complete Series” DVD box set, Rebecca Sugar and Olivia Olson discuss Marceline’s back story and how they each relate to the character.

Marceline has evolved so much over the series,” said Olson, who voiced the character, in the video. “I had no idea how much depth was to this character and this whole life she had lived.”


Initially introduced as a sort of antagonist to the show’s heroes Finn and Jake, Marceline quickly became one of their closest friends.

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Marceline’s complicated relationships with her father, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum were slowly revealed over the course of the show and often involved songs that made viewers cry. These were complexities that not only helped make Marceline a fan-favorite character, they added an emotional depth to the show that set “Adventure Time” apart from other cartoons.

“We were all kind of developing Marceline’s back story together,” said Sugar, the “Steven Universe” creator who worked as a writer and storyboard artist on “Adventure Time.” “It was very interesting why she was the way that she was. Someone who acted so cool and aloof, there would have to be a lot going on under the surface.”

“I still to this day have questions about Marceline’s past,” Olson added.

Watch the clip above. “Adventure Time: The Complete Series” DVD box set will be released Tuesday.

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