‘Steven Universe’ movie announced at Comic-Con

Watch the announcement for “Steven Universe: The Movie." 

The fifth season of “Steven Universe” has been full of surprises, but the Cartoon Network series saved the biggest one of them all for San Diego Comic-Con.

At the close of the show’s Saturday morning presentation featuring creator Rebecca Sugar and members of the cast, fans were treated to a short teaser announcing “Steven Universe: The Movie.”

The clip shows a heart-shaped gem spinning while some music sets the mood. Images of Steven, Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet are visible within the gem as it turns. But as the melody crackles away into ominous laughter, the gem turns to reveal the silhouette of a mysterious smiling character who appears to have a gem high on her chest.

No additional details were revealed about the movie, other that it is “coming soon to Cartoon Network.”

Watch the clip above.

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