‘Power Rangers’ fans respond to new Alpha 5 design with a resounding ‘no’


Watch the trailer for Lionsgate’s “Power Rangers.”

It’s no secret that the new “Power Rangers” film is a departure from the original TV series, and the concept art for the movie’s new Alpha 5 serves as further confirmation. 

Even fans who thought the updated looks for Rita, the Rangers' suits and the Zords gave them adequate mental preparation for any other redesigns probably couldn’t refrain from a quick “Ay yi yi yi yi” after seeing the new Alpha.

Revealed by IGN, this new take on the Power Rangers ally is more than a bit of a departure from the character's original look. 

In the TV series, Alpha was Zordon's panicky but devoted robotic assistant who served as the Rangers' advisor and friend. While the new Alpha retains the gold saucer-shaped helmet as well as the red body, not much else is recognizable. It looks like Alpha is now less of a robot and more of an actual alien.

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The new design has provoked a strong reaction among “Power Rangers” fans, and they have not been shy about sharing their feelings on Twitter.

Some were able to string together words to express their general hesitance to accept this new version of Alpha.

Others seemed to be at a loss for words. Lucky for them, a picture is worth a thousand.

Of course, there’s a contingent of fans calling on others to give the film a chance

After seeing the Alpha's new look, one can only wonder how Zordon might be reimagined for "Power Rangers." Good thing updated designs and new concepts explored in a franchise’s reboot don’t actually harm your happy childhood memories in any way. 

Alpha’s new look, of course, is not the only “Power Rangers” news causing a stir among the fan community this week. On Monday, Rita Repulsa herself took over the “Power Rangers” twitter account and revealed a new image that fueled the fan theory flames.

Those keeping a close eye on all things “Power Rangers” were quick to notice that Rita’s staff seems to hold something that looks suspiciously like a Power Coin (the source of the Power Rangers’ powers). Although there has been no official news about a Green Ranger appearing in “Power Rangers,” because Rita was the one responsible creating the Green Ranger in the TV series, fans can’t help but speculate if or how this connection will be explored in the reboot.

Even Rita Repulsa actress Elizabeth Banks has hinted that there is a specific reason Rita’s costume is green. Some of these theories include Rita herself being the Green Ranger or even that her character killed the Green Ranger

Fans still have a while to keep sleuthing. “Power Rangers” is set to hit theaters March 24.

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