‘Star Trek: Discovery’ stars Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz on how gay love saved the universe

Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz talk tackling a “missing piece” in the franchise and Season 1’s “unexpected” turn.

“Star Trek: Discovery” broke new ground by featuring the franchise’s first openly gay TV characters. And in the first season, their love saved the world.

During a recent visit to the Los Angeles Times video studio at San Diego Comic-Con with members of the “Discovery” family (ahead of their Hall H presentation), actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz addressed their characters’ relationship as well as that big surprise from their Season 1 storyline.

“It was really amazing how quickly our relationship was embraced,” said Rapp, who plays anastromycologist Lt. Paul Stamets on the series. “Just from the really simple little scene where we’re brushing our teeth together in the bathroom. We thought it had meaning and resonance but you just never know how it’s going to be received.”

Rapp added that they were thrilled to be able to make history with their story, even though it was long overdue.


“It’s been too long that it hadn’t happened with this particular story. It was a missing piece in the ‘Star Trek’ lore which had broken so many other barriers,” Rapp said. “That was the one that just hadn’t been broken. So we’re really honored and thrilled that we got to do it.”

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Cruz, who played Dr. Hugh Culber, elaborated about the couple’s entire Season 1 trajectory.

“The arc itself for last season was unexpected. There were a lot of surprises,” Cruz said, referencing Culber’s shocking demise. “But in the end, when you think about it, it was our gay love that not only saved the world but saved the universe — and not just our universe, but all universes.

“I’ve always said that gay sex is going to save the world,” Cruz quipped.

Watch the full interview below.

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