‘Steven Universe’ construction sets bring the Mr. Universe van to life

The Mr. Universe Van "Steven Universe" construction set, with figures of Greg and Steven.
(McFarlane Toys)

Will you let this van be driven into your heart? New “Steven Universe” toys are on the way and fans will soon be able to build some familiar sights straight out of the show, including dad Greg Universe’s ever-enduring van.

McFarlane Toys is partnering with Cartoon Network for a line of “Steven Universe” construction sets, and Hero Complex readers are getting a first look. These collectible sets include character figures and will give fans the chance to re-create scenes from their favorite episodes. And what fan could resist the 1970s-inspired Mr. Universe van, piloted by Steven’s father?

No word if the inside of this ride will include the sound system that Greg used to entertain guests on his one-man band tour for Mr. Universe, but it certainly looks like it rolled right out of the cartoon series. Finally, fans (and kids) can have a little van all their own while singing the lyrics to the automobile love ballad, “Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart).”

“From its unique characters and color usage, ‘Steven Universe’ produces some of the most captivating visuals in all of television,” said Todd McFarlane, owner and chief executive of McFarlane Toys, in a press release. “Our new construction sets will capture all of that and provide fans with a true replica of what the show presents.”


Created by Rebecca Sugar, “Steven Universe” follows the adventures of Steven and the Crystal Gems, who always save the day. Part human, part alien magical being, Steven Universe is all heart.

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Since the show’s 2013 debut, Steven has gradually learned to control his powers and discovered more about his mother’s legacy. Steven’s superhero mentors include Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl (the original Crystal Gems) and former foes Peridot and Lapis Lazuli. Rounding out his core support group is his human father Greg and best friend Connie.

In addition to the Mr. Universe Van set above, the upcoming line will include sets for Steven’s Bedroom Loft, the Temple Door and the Desert Fortress.


The “Steven Universe” construction sets will be available starting in August. The suggested prices for the sets range from $7.99 to $34.99.

The construction sets will be on display at the upcoming Toy Fair in New York.

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