Video taste test of the ‘Star Wars’ ‘Season of the Force’ menu at Disneyland

The Galactic Grill at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland is serving up Dark Side and Light Side food as part of the “Star Wars” “Season of the Force” attraction.

Disneyland has unleashed its “Star Wars"-inspired “Season of the Force” days upon the classic Tomorrowland facade. With the new look comes a brand new mission for Space Mountain (renamed Hyperspace Mountain), a Darth Vader interaction station, but more importantly, “Star Wars"-themed food items. We have tasted the power of the Dark Side, and it was spicy.

Just about every “Star Wars” character is represented in Tomorrowland’s newly redesigned Galactic Grill. Even the Lars family gets representation in the breakfast menu with the Lars Family Breakfast Platter, the Moisture Farm Fresh Fruit Platter, and yes, of course, there’s Bantha Blue Milk Bread. Unfortunately the breakfast menu was not being offered up on the special “Season of the Force” press night so we did not get to try out the Darth Tamale, however we did get a great sampling of the lunch and dinner items.

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And “Star Wars” puns are strong with the lunch and dinner selections. There’s a First Order Specialty Burger (which can be served in a Han Solo-trapped-in-carbonite bucket), Wicket’s Wicked Veggie Sandwich, the Cheese-3PO Burger, and AT-ST Chicken Walker Nuggets.


The dessert menu has Darth by Chocolate parfait, a Pastry Menace eclair and BB-8 droid rice treat.

Los Angeles Times writer Todd Martens and I ate as much as our bellies could handle between rides on Hyperspace Mountain and the newly updated Star Tour rides, and recorded it all so you could see what a meal that has been corrupted by the Dark Side tastes like.