‘The Flash’s’ Candice Patton wants the show to do a Halloween episode

“The Flash” cast members share what kind of special episode they would like to do next as well as with what TV show they would like to do an exchange program.

Season 4 of “The Flash” included Iris West and Barry Allen’s wedding — an event so grand it brought together the characters from four CW superhero shows for a four-episode crossover arc.

In addition to a wedding episode, “The Flash” has tackled a musical episode as well as a Christmas episode. During a visit to the L.A. Times’ studio at Comic-Con last week, the cast of the show discussed what type of special episode they would like to tackle next.

“I want to do a Halloween episode,” said Candice Patton, who plays West on the show. “I’ve been wanting to do that since Day 1.”


She even shared her pitch for what could happen in such an episode.

“There’s a bunch of people dressed up in Flash costumes, and you don’t know who’s the villain and who’s the good Flash,” Patton explained.

Watch the interview above.

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