Cartoon Network’s ‘Victor and Valentino’ gets a premiere date


Siblings Victor and Valentino are ready to get their adventures started — or maybe just get into trouble.

Cartoon Network announced Thursday that “Victor and Valentino” will make its U.S. and Latin American debut on March 30, then launch in other regions of the world.

Created by Diego Molano, the new animated supernatural adventure series follows half-brothers Victor and Valentino, who are spending their summer with their Grandma Chata in Monte Macabre. It’s “a nice small town with lots of kids to play with and where there are portals to other dimensions and where ancient spirits come to life,” according to the show’s trailer.


In the series, the brothers learn to appreciate each other’s quirks and differences as they encounter figures and creatures from the myths and legends of Mesoamerican folklore.

In an interview with Variety, Molano discussed how he has always been inspired by Aztec, Olmec and Mayan mythologies.

“These stories are so cool and particular and they’re not talked about at all, compared to, say, Greek and Roman myths,” said Molano. “That’s mostly why I wanted to do it, because I feel like it’s hidden treasure.”

Previously a storyboard artist on “The Powerpuff Girls,” Molano has also worked on “Black Dynamite,” “Superjail!” and “China, IL.”

Fans can check out “Victor and Valentino” ahead of its TV premiere through Cartoon Network’s app and video on demand. The first episode will be available starting March 4 and another on March 15. Eight new episodes will be available on March 29. All the episodes will also be available in Spanish.


“Victor and Valentino” will premiere March 30 on Cartoon Network.

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