Sunday Calendar Letters: Hands across the border

Linda Rondstadt and her project in Mexico drew a reader’s applause. With Jackson Browne.
(Bill Steen)

‘Tremendous’ addition to collection

The article about Linda Ronstadt and the group she has supported and accompanied to Mexico was just wonderful [“Border Unity,” March 11]. It led me to find the song by Jackson Brown with the group, which I immediately downloaded — an excellent message delivered in gorgeous harmony backed by wonderful folk instruments — tremendous.

Any group of people that has garnered the attention of Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal and David Hidalgo has got to be quality in every way — it’s like a gathering of my treasured faves. I donated today.

Gary M. Stewart


Laguna Beach

Afterthoughts on king of pop

Regarding: “What to Do With His Music?” by Mikael Wood [March 8]:

While being horrified and repulsed by Michael Jackson’s alleged crimes, it might be useful to reflect that he was himself a victim. A victim of the legacy of inhumane black slavery and of racial discrimination and diminishment that probably led him to reject the color of his skin and his racial looks to mutate himself into a bizarre, grotesquely effeminate white person.


Ricardo Nicol

San Clemente


I’m done listening to Jackson’s repertoire, with one early exception: “Billie Jean,” his 1983 chart-topper. It was the last 45 RPM record I bought. I plan to keep it as the only Jackson recording I’ll ever own.


Ed Alston

Santa Maria

Keeping politics out of discussion

Regarding “The New Group Thing? He’s Adamant About it” [March 8]: Congratulations to [singer and guitarist] Daron Malakian for refusing to allow Mikael Wood to browbeat him into the political corner of the interviewer’s choosing and paint Malakian’s words into the political spin.


Andrew Rhames

Los Angeles

Guilty of crime? Serve the time

Regarding “Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin’s Projects Under Scrutiny Amid College Cheating Scandal” by Ashley Lee [March 12] and more coverage of the college cheating scandal: Having paid my own way through college by working full-time, I find this reprehensible.


I believe that if found guilty, all these parents should go to jail and serve at least two years each. Maybe they can “play to pay” in starring roles in a new reality-based show called “Desperate Parents” or “Jailhouse Rocks.” Proceeds could benefit underprivileged students.

Steve Szost


Can’t wait for a swell season


Just a quick comment on the letter about the Ahmanson schedule next year [“Calendar Feedback,” March 10]. I am thrilled that Sting is bringing “The Last Ship” to L.A. I was so sad that it closed before I could see it in New York. From what I understand, the book was rewritten, and it’s done really well in Britain. Also, I’m excited for the Matthew Bourne addition because I like dance.

Billie Baron

Yorba Linda

It’s really a riches-to-riches story


Regarding “Jenner a New Billionaire” [March 6]: I’m sorry, but could someone please explain to me how Kylie Jenner is a “self-made” billionaire?

Cathy Wright

Pocatello, Idaho

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