Harvey Weinstein ‘not doing OK,’ he says before jetting off to rehab


Oct. 12, 2017, 9:33 a.m.

Harvey Weinstein ‘not doing OK,’ he says before jetting off to rehab

 (Richard Shotwell / Associated Press)
(Richard Shotwell / Associated Press)

Harvey Weinstein is not OK, he told photographers and videographers assembled outside the Los Angeles-area home of one of his daughters Wednesday afternoon. As of Thursday morning, he was said to be in Arizona receiving treatment at a rehab facility amid a storm of sexual harassment allegations.

Answering questions shouted at him Wednesday afternoon, Weinstein said, “I’m hanging in, I’m trying my best.... Guys, I’m not doing OK but I’m trying. I gotta get help, guys. You know what, we all make mistakes, second chance I hope,” according to video published by TMZ.

The embattled mega-producer is facing fallout from bombshell stories published in the last week in which models, actresses and other women who worked in the entertainment industry accused him of serial sexual harassment, including rape.

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“Don’t follow me. I’m being good,” the 65-year-old told the paparazzi, pleading more than once to be left alone once they got their pictures.

He also appealed to the group’s sense of fair play, saying: “You know what, I’ve always been loyal to you guys” before noting, with a great deal of profanity, that he was unlike other people — presumably celebrities — who treated them, shall we say, poorly. “I’ve been the good guy,” said the former co-chairman of the Weinstein Co.

At some point that day, he was also photographed flipping the bird with both middle fingers as he entered the office of one of his attorneys.

This week it’s been a bit of a game of “Where’s Weinstein?” Or more accurately, “Where’s Weinstein going?”

Entertainment Tonight” was among those reporting early Tuesday evening that Weinstein was headed overseas, bound for an inpatient rehab facility — perhaps in Switzerland — where he would receive treatment for sex addiction and behavioral issues. Shortly after that, Page Six cited “sources close to Weinstein” as saying he’d checked into a facility in the U.S.

“He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas,” a source told TMZ.

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On Wednesday morning, however, he was seen storming out of his daughter Remy’s home in the Los Angeles area, with TMZ video also showing law enforcement at the house in response to what was described as a “family dispute” that spilled into the street.

“Harvey and Remy had a yelling argument, and Harvey left her house upset,” a source told People. “He seemed stressed out and very unhappy.”

Wednesday night, according to “ET,” Weinstein had flown to Wickenburg, Ariz., instead of Switzerland, destined for the nearby treatment facility the Meadows on the advice of his brother. “Plane issues” had held up the flight the day before, a source told “ET.”

He ultimately touched down in Scottsdale, Ariz., TMZ reported Thursday morning. The destination was a last-minute change, the website said, citing “well-connected sources” who told the website that Weinstein was getting treatment somewhere in the Scottsdale area.

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